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Staff from Rizhao Steel participated in the event of Ten Thous People Walk in Rizhao-5219.com
公布工夫:2015/5/22     公布人:管理员    阅读次数:4031次 
       On May 16th, Ten Thousand People Walk with the theme of “National Fitness, Civilized Walk” was held in Rizhao Sun Plaza. Liang Yunai, deputy director from Rizhao’s People’s Congress Standing Committee, Yang Liuxing, deputy mayor of Rizhao, Lin Yuying, vice president of Rizhao Committee of the Political Consultative Conference attended the ceremony. More than ten thousand people from enterprises, institutions, schools participated in the event, including Rizhao Steel. The walk routine was about 7.1 km starting from Rizhao Sun Plaza to the north, through Target Tower, Center Island, Wan Pingkou Bridge, the south gate of Water Sports Base and returning to Rizhao Sun Plaza.
      Under the organization of party group job office of the company, staff from Rizhao Steel participated in this event. According to statistics, more than 150 workers from Rizhao Steel participated in this event. During the event, workers from Rizhao Steel wore the same sportswear and showed vigorous and good spirit of Rizhao Steel.
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