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Rizhao Steel donated 100000 yuan to the resident school-30308.com
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June 1, Rizhao Steel donated 80,000 yuan to the Hushan town government. The funds will be used to add kindergarten and primary school teaching facilities. At the same time, Rizhao Steel donated 20,000 yuan to Pearl Road Primary School for the purchase of teaching facilities.
Rizhao Steel supported resident education, and make it as an important task for enterprises. Since 2007, Rizhao Steel donated assistant resident town a total of nearly 600 million. According to statistics, since the construction of Rizhao Steel, the donation for schools, elders, earthquake relief, and medical and health public has reached 750 million yuan.
It is reported that Rizhao Steel has won the ninth China Charity Award, issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs; the "Community Star Enterprise" honor medals issued by China UNICEF; the 30th anniversary of the China children's Charity Award for outstanding contribution award issued by China Women's Federation, China Children and Teenagers Foundation.
From Huang Hai Daily
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