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Rizhao Steel ultra-low silicon smelting technology made a historic breakthrough
公布工夫:2012/6/20     公布人:管理员    阅读次数:4319次 
In May 2012, Rizhao Steel ultra-low silicon smelting technology research achieved a historic breakthrough, the average silicon index of 0.294%.The first ironworks average silicon 0.302%, the second iron works an average of 0.285% silicon, the two plants has made ​​an outstanding contribution to the energy saving of the company.
Average silicon as one of the most important technical indicators of blast furnace, has a greater impact on the cost of crude iron and follow-up process. Based on the the ironmaking experience, the crude iron silicon content decreasing by 0.1%, the coke ratio lower 4 ~ 6kg / t , crude iron cost reduction of about 9 Yuan / t. Rizhao Steel monthly production of crude iron for about 1.1 million tons, the monthly benefit of  990 million Yuan. According to the estimates of steelmaking, crude iron silicon content reduced by 0.1%,the steelmaking reduce the cost of 6 Yuan/t, the monthly steel production by one million tons of monthly benefit of 600 million Yuan, making iron-effective total of 15.9 million Yuan. At the same time, decline in crude iron silicon content can improve the capacity factor of a blast furnace for iron smelting oxygen-rich, high coal to create the conditions, high air temperature, wind capacity operating.
Ironmaking plant with an average of 0.40% silicon in 2011, has a greater potential economic benefits of mining and technology. In order to practice the "Innovation Steel", "benefits Steel", further reduce ironmaking costs, improve economic efficiency, in February 2012, the company set up a ultra-low silicon smelting technology research and development group. According to the research plan, the entire research process is divided into three stages: the first stage, the average silicon target of less than 0.30%, the second stage of the average silicon target of less than 0.25%, the third stage of the average silicon target of less than 0.20%, the Rizhao Steel average silicon indicators will get the leading domestic level.
Management of the furnace conditions, ironmaking plant implement "8364" blast furnace operation principles, management model of furnace conditions, operation methods, so that the blast furnaces achieve long-successful production. In blast furnace operation, implement large batch of ore, angular difference, large volume, large kinetic energy of the operating system, through the use of high air temperature, high oxygen enrichment, high coal ratio, high top pressure and other technical means, ultimately achieve ultra low silicon, low silicon deviation, low cost economic iron pattern.
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