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State Environmental Protection Vice Minister Zhang Lijun, made ​an inspection tour to Rizhao Steel-xpj5.com
公布工夫:2011/12/15     公布人:管理员    阅读次数:5170次 

On January 18,2011,the State Department of Environmental Protection Vice Minister Zhang Lijun,the environmental protection department director of the environmental supervision Zou Shoumin a line five people,accompanied by Shandong Province Environmental Protection Bureau Director Zhang Bo,party secretary of RiZhao Yang Jun,vice mayor Wang Bin,visited Rizhao Steel.They spoke highly of the achievements in energy saving and environmental protection.  
About 10:00,Zhang Lijun and his party arrived at Rizhao Steel,the first in the conference room of the office center to listen to work reports.RiZhao party secretary Yang Jun presided over the briefing and warmly welcome the arrival of Zhang Lijun.Rizhao vice mayor Xie Shizeng made ​​a report entitled “the total amount of major pollutants emission reduction in Rizhao city”. After the briefing, Zhang Lijun and his party watched the Rizhao Steel model and inspected 360 m2 sintering flue gas desulfurization project.
The company leaders Liao Haiting,Li Shicai accompanied by inspection,the Minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Yan Xiuxun introduced environmental protection work.
After heard the company invested 320 million yuan to the construction of the first sintering flue gas desulfurization project and achieved the highest standards,Zhang Lijun,vice minister,fully affirmed the achievements of Rizhao Steel in the sulfur dioxide emission reduction and environmental protection,and encouraged the company to further emancipate the mind, adhere to scientific development, renovation, promote pollution abatement work to improve the company's overall outlook, take the road of ecological sustainable development.


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